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Why Us?

Marketplaces PRO is a knowledgeable team with over 5 years experience in eCommerce. We know how to make it happen. Currently we maintain our clients' stores on, and - that means we have not only learned eBay as it is, but we had also dug into customers behaviory in different countries. Millions of customers are awaiting for your great products on eBay, so let's go through some main things below, that we will help you with.

eBay Store set up

Marketplaces PRO will handle your eBay Store set up from A to Z. Business account registration, eBay store subscription, logo, cover photo, category structure and more. You will get a selling store in just a few days.

Products evaluation

We will evaluate your inventory in full and provide you with the list of things that are to be adjusted. In most cases sellers need to enhace items' titles and HTML description. We also have to make sure that your images are up to 1500x1500 pixels resolution - this will give you advantages in search further.

Categories mapping

Once your inventory is evaluated, Marketplaces PRO will offer you a list of categories your products can be advertised in. If you have an API connection inbetween your site and eBay, then we will make sure to map your site categories to eBay's, to avoid any miss-matches.

Start selling

We will list your items manually or with help of 3rd partie tools - depending on your budget. Marketplaces PRO recommends using ChannelAdvisor for companies with big inventory and complicated products structure/relationships. You can use Selro platform if your inventory is small or we can simply add products manually.

SEO optimization

There's only 80 symbols allowed in title field on eBay, so we have to be very careful with keywords that we select to put there. Marketplaces PRO utilizes a number of services to retrieve best search terms, like TeraPeak, SemRush, Google Adwords and more. After SEO audit we'll offer you ways to adjust titles/item specifics and descriptions with better keywords, so that you get to the top results in Best Match search.

Promotions management

eBay buyers are really unique and they spend a lot of time searching for Top Rated sellers and the best prices on-line. Over the years our team had to come up with a few strategies in terms of eBay promoted listings. We will show you some working examples and decide together which of them fit perfectly to your business model.

Ratings improvement

Your eBay seller ratings are the core of a success on this marketplace. Each month eBay will evaluate your account by several criteria and Marketplaces PRO will make sure to resolve any issues before that. We will get you to Top Rated seller level and may guarantee that your store won't go down to Below Standard. Our team will evaluate your business areas and offer you ways to improve shipping logistics, products advertisement and customer service.

Customer experience

It is vital to work with eBay customers in a proper way. Marketplaces PRO has a number of qualified Customer Service agents, who spent quite a few years delivering this WOW service to our customers. Mutual cancellation cases, accepting returns, processing refunds, replying to negative or neutral feedback received and working with regular incoming messages/calls - all of that can be handled on our side. As stated before, our goal is to keep your customers satsified, no matter which kind of issues they face.

Interested? Let's talk!

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