Posting templates fulfillment. Business rules creation. Inventory pool set up.
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Why Us?

Marketplaces PRO is a knowledgeable team with over 5 years experience in eCommerce. We know how to make it happen. All of this time we've been partnering with ChannelAdvisor. They proved to be the most reputable, flexible and confident platform for multi-channel selling. You won't find a marketplace they don't support. Though, ChannelAdvisor is a very complicated and smart tool for someone who had never worked with it. It's not about us - Marketplaces PRO had enough time to dig into all ins and outs of this platform and you can't find a task that we can't perform there. WIth us you can stop worrying about your inventory management and concentrate on products production.

Inventory upload

After you get a ChannelAdvisor account, we will upload your test-inventory there. Knowing categories that you're looking to cover and marketplaces you are planning to sell products on, Marketplaces PRO will see which product information is a must and tell you what has to be added within each item.

Posting templates, business rules

Based on selected categories we will fulfill posting templates on ChannelAdvisor. Posting template gives you the way to map inventory values to correct marketplaces fields, this template is then assigned to each item. Marketplaces PRO will also come up with a set of business rules, which will help to automate some of the inventory distributing/enhancement processes.

HTML description creation

In case you have HTML description prepared, we will simply replace some values within it (like image, title, price, etc.) with ChannelAdvisor tags. This way we will have your HTML description template ready for posting on marketplace (this is typically done for eBay). If you don't have HTML design, Marketplaces PRO may offer to create it on our side.

Marketplaces connection

We will hook up your Amazon, eBay or other marketplaces accounts and retrieve all necessary data from there (like business policices, store categories, shipping rules, etc.). Depending on your budget, we will either help you to set up API connection trhu ChannelAdvisor or schedule daily inventory uploads and updates to marketplaces.

Errors trouble-shooting

Once we're launched with ChannelAdvisor, we will start working on your inventory adjustments. The platform will retrieve different errors if they occur and Marketplaces PRO will spot them in a timely manner. Working with marketplaces errors and enhancing your inventory will ensure your products' proper distributing.

Interested? Let's talk!

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