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Why Us?

Marketplaces PRO is a knowledgeable team with over 5 years experience in eCommerce. We know how to make it happen. Currently we maintain our clients' stores on, and - that means we have not only learned Amazon as it is, but we had also dug into customers behaviory in different countries. Millions of customers are awaiting for your great products on Amazon, so let's go through some main things below, that we're planning to help you with.

Amazon account set up

There's a couple of documents that we would request from you, that's it - the rest is on us. Marketplaces PRO will fully get your store ready in a few days. And we may take it from there! Any Amazon's Seller Central system actions can be performed by us.

Products evaluation

Amazon platform has a lot of restrictions on how your listings should look on the marketplace. We will evaluate your inventory in full and provide you with the list of things that are to be adjusted. In most cases sellers need to enhace items' pictures and titles.

Brand registry

In case you own your brand or you are the sole representative of a manufacturer, we can help to register your Private Label brand on Amazon. The advantages it gives to you: the full control over the product page listing (photos, descriptions, bullets), you don't have to worry about UPC or EAN, you can show-off the brand name.

Start selling

Did you know that Amazon's search engine is the #1 competitor to Google's search? Marketplaces PRO is aware of all aspects behind Amazon search engine and we have a step by step strategy on how to get your sales rapidly grow. It is important to spike the algorithm of their search system - this is how you get to first places in search results. And we know how to do that!

SEO optimization

One of lots of Amazon's advantages is that the title field can handle up to 200 symbols (in comparison to 80 with eBay). We can use all of that to describe your products as detailed as possible. After SEO audit we'll offer you ways to adjust titles/descriptions with better keywords.

PPC campaigns

It's really important to utilize PPC campaigns. Marketplaces PRO tested this out with other clients and we can state that this is one of key-points in your success with Amazon. But you don't want to use PPC all the time, as it costs money, so this is something we recommend to do only at the beginning of products' promotion.

Amazon FBA

If you don't know yet, FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a service, that Amazon offers to store your goods in their warehouse and then ship to your customers. Ship items to Amazon and let them do the rest of work for you. We will handle all the settings within Seller Central and will alert you in case we see you are running out of stock.

Customer service

In case you need to handle all customer service, returns, refunds inquiries - Marketplaces PRO will also take care of that! We've faced the client with blocked Amazon store due to delays with shipments and with responses. It took some efforts, but we did unblock his account and over the time sales stabilized. We want to stress that our team had been thru different scenarios and we always know the way out.

Interested? Let's talk!

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