Products research. Vendors negotiations. Shipping logistics.
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Why Us?

Marketplaces PRO is a knowledgeable team with over 5 years experience in eCommerce. We know how to make it happen. Currently we own a couple of private label product lines that were sourced thru Alibaba - we have not only learned the whole way from Alibaba to Amazon/eBay as it is, we have also invested in our own successful business there. Millions of vendors are awaiting for your offers on Alibaba, so let's go through some main things below, that we're planning to help you with.

Find best opportunities

Marketplaces PRO uses various instruments and services like Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout to help you pick products and find the right niche. Then we filter thru tons of Alibaba pages to offer you the most profitable product sourcing opportunities.

Contact vendors

You don't have to worry about dealing with vendors. We will choose the best possible option for you and negotiate the beneficial terms to save on expenses.

Goods quality check

Before final solution on your long-term co-operation vendor, Marketplace PRO will help you order samples of products and if needed have shipped them to us for quality check. This will help to decide on the better manufacturer.

Photo & video

Another service that we offer is a top notch quality photoset of your products. This content may be further used on any marketplace you're planning to sell on or at your site. We can also shoot a commercial video for you.

Shipping logistics

Here at Marketplace PRO we know how valued our clients time is. We may handle any further correspondence with selected vendor and manage the supply chain from their warehouses to your or Amazon facilities.

Interested? Let's talk!

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Our Customers